ZKW kf45 2005

Virtual Drama in four Acts: A critical interpretation of historical representation in the Austrian "jubilee year" 2005 | | | |

The semiotic performance "kommando freiheit45" reflects the victim/offender motive in the mystification and/or supposed authenticity of media representation. Maintaining an ironical distance, it aims to facilitate a debate on the relation of marginalized urban intelligence and the dominant hegemony of symbolic politics.

The reinterpretation of symbolic action and the deconstruction of official imagery and semiotic systems through dissonance are established means of new art, characterized by interventions into communication processes. The kf45 statements claiming responsibility, and the demands on the Federal Government, took on a life of themselves in Weblogs, TV and print media, resulting in a hermeneutic polyphony of sympathizers, copycats and opponents. This first act of a virtual play released a media dynamic that opened the stage for complicity and disagreement. Further dispatches (including blood-soaked artifacts) kept open a space of hyper real discourse, leading to an explosive final act shortly after the highlight of the Government's event program on 15 May 2005. Taking up a locally established practice, the "victim" was blown up.

For one week of May 2005, ZKW kf45 provided a collective realization of a virtual street theatre, based on a regionally coded context and digital information organization: a kidnapping drama charged with the subversive energy of the absurd, an unofficial counter design for public dissent. | |

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Austria 2005: A protection kit against a year of homeland celebrations